Monday, September 10, 2012

Talk Show Talk

Couric, Lake, Probst. Source: The Hollywood Reporter.

My friend Jeff Probst debuts his talk show today! As does my friend Katie Couric! As does my colleague Ricki Lake!
(According to Dobson's Rules of Order, since I interviewed Probst once, I can call him my friend. Ditto for Couric, whom I've also interviewed. And Lake works in TV... Dobson works in TV... therefore, we're totally colleagues! Right?)
Since all my friends* are getting shows, I think it's safe to assume a televised version of The Jill Dobson Show is right around the corner. Goodness, I'd better find daycare for baby Shane! And a cute series premiere outfit! And... hmmm, that's it! I'm otherwise totally ready for this! 
Until I get in front of the cameras for The Jill Dobson Show, I'll enjoy some airtime at HLN's Showbiz Tonight, where I'm discussing Katie & Co. and other showbiz matters... tonight! Please tune in and join the fun!

*Please refer to paragraph two, Dobson's Rules of Order, for substantiation. 
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  1. I'm interested to see Jessica Simpson's big weight loss reveal on Katie Couric's show!