Monday, October 1, 2012

My Shorts Story

Above right, my inspiration, J.
Above left, her inspiration, J. Crew.
Ack! I've been photo-bombed by Baby Shane!
Nearly a year ago, I had a baby. Last spring, I finally lost all the baby weight (yay!), and I couldn't wait to spend the summer in my standard warm-weather uniform of sundresses, shirt dresses and shift dresses. Especially since I'd spent the previous summer in maternity wear. But I quickly found that dresses aren't practical for new moms. If you're nursing, you have to fully undress every time the baby gets hungry. Dresses aren't ideal for playdates, picnics and park outings either. If you're going to be running crawling around a playground with the under-one-year-old set, you need shorts.
And -- brace yourself -- aside from my running gear, I didn't own any shorts. How is that possible, you ask? Well, I always thought dresses were easier. I also felt like I looked all wrong every time I put on shorts. I end up in too-long cargo shorts that made me look like a 14-year-old boy on his way to the skate park. Terrible.
My beloved Vogue, Bazaar and Elle magazines didn't exactly give me guidance on how to dress for playdates. Sure, I knew exactly I'd wear to the Emmys, but I had no idea what to wear to the park!
Then, I found a website called J's Everyday Fashion. It had thousands of pictures of J. managing to look cute in shorts (and skirts, and jeans). She wore fun colors! Belts! Great shoes! And she did it all on a budget! Which is ironic, because she inspired me to do an obscene amount of online shopping for new shorts, as well as coordinating tops, belts and shoes. I honestly think the management at Zappos is planning to honor me with some sort of "Customer of the Year" award soon. Anyway, when I get that award, I plan to thank J. for inspiring my post-baby makeover, or Momover, if you will. And I'll thank my husband for not making too many comments about our skyrocketing credit card statements. And my baby boy, for napping in my arms while I balanced the iPad on my knees and shopped online. And the good people of Zappos, for honoring me with this award. And my fellow nominees... it's an honor just to be mentioned in the same breath as you!
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  1. I can never figure out how to wear shoes that are comfortable but don't make me look like Steve Carell in the AWESOME "Crazy, Stupid Love." Maybe J. has the solution!

  2. Jill! This is Katie (Lynch) Nearpass! I just read through your blog for the first time. I can't remember where I saw that you had one but Yolonda mentioned you guys met up so that must have made me think of checking it out. You are so funny, I love your posts!! I'm impressed and entertained by your wittiness and your down to earth style! anywho, blog comment post probably not the best way to touch base but just saw this here so figured I'd go for it! shorts are great by the way! ;-) You look wonderful and congrats on your little guy!! Ours must be fairly close because my baby boy will be 15 months tomorrow! so fun! Ok, sure you're a busy lady but just thought I'd say hi and I would vote for your show! (especially if you fly some old friends from good ole q-town to NYC for a special show on ?? hmmm..exactly what I'm not sure? ha!) take care....

  3. Hi Jill,
    You need a new website :P
    Hard to read the font kinda.
    A re-build in Word Press maybe, great WP themes these days!
    I do work for some in the entertainment industry.
    Well anyway, wanted to say hi... you and your infectious smile.
    You used to be on Red Eye more often, saw you tonight.