Saturday, July 7, 2012

News Brief: Look Who's Talking!

Shane in his pajamas, with his "Dada," his "Mamamama. Mama,"
his Grandma Mary Ann and one of his many cute cousins.
Eight-month-old Shane Quincy has been saying "Dada" nonstop. And "bahbah." And blowing raspberries, as I call them, or "spit bubbles," as my husband the wordsmith calls them. Anyway, Shane's been making lots of noises, but he hasn't been making any 'm' sounds at all. Then this morning he was crying, so I walked into his room. He looked up, stopped crying and said "Mama." (Actually, he said, "Mamamama. Mama." Whatever. I'm still counting it. Honey, hand me the baby book!) 
It was so sweet, I almost forgot it was 4:58am.
But not quite.
Go back to bed, kid.
Mamamama. Mama.


  1. All those milestones are so fun to experience! Shane is such a sweetie!

  2. Shane is so lucky you are his Mamamama Mama!

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  4. Jill Dobson in 'Mamamama. Mama on Meth.' Bravo, you can hire me