Friday, July 8, 2011

Host Chat: The "Leg Chair"

Welcome to another edition of Host Chat.  Just as Regis shares exciting stories from his life each morning, I share my latest tales of hobnobbing, hijinks, and more often than not, humiliation!
Photo source: Hi-Def News Caps
Photo date: October 20
My latest TV appearance: An early Friday morning guest spot on Red Eye.
One of the show's hot topics: A member of Gov. Pawlenty's camp has apologized for saying Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann has "sex appeal."  
My take: Most women are happy to be complimented on their appearance... when they're on a date.  But in the workplace, we'd rather be recognized for our contributions, intelligence and dedication.
For me, personally, I've always hoped that Red Eye viewers appreciated my humor, my constant belittling of my nemesis Bill Schulz, and the (hopefully) apparent research I put into each of the show's topics.  That's why I got a little concerned during the day Thursday, as more and more viewers took to Twitter with Red Eye-related requests for me, including, "Wear a short dress," and "Leg chair!!!!!"
"Leg chair" is a term coined by Red Eye viewers for the seat closet to the camera (see photo above).  What the folks on Twitter may have missed during my last Red Eye appearance (and several subsequent blog postings**) is that I'm expecting a baby.  Therefore, these days, when I appear on the show, I no longer look quite like I do in the photo above. Instead, I look much more like this:
Victoria Beckham, pregnant and sunbathing
Photo source:
OK, I look nothing like the above image.  Yes, I'm pregnant and so is Victoria Beckham, but I'm sure I have a good 30 pounds on her, among many other differences!  By the way, David Beckham says that photo is a candid shot he just happened to snap of his wife Victoria sunbathing (riiiiight).  I guarantee she spent longer in hair and makeup for that shot than I did for my last 5 Red Eye appearances combined!  But I digress...
The point is, if the guys on Twitter Thursday afternoon are representative of all Red Eye viewers, and what they like best about me is my (pre-pregnancy) appearance, then we're all in for disappointment any time I'm in front of the camera these days.
So I asked folks on Twitter the following (somewhat needy) question:
To those tweeting about the  : What you like best about me are my smarts/humor, right? 
And here are some of the responses I got back:
@Yasminek34: Yes
@GoBucks_23: Of course we like you for your humor and smarts... We're not that shallow
@ImAngelina: Yes
@StitchJonze: Jill we don't 'Like' your smarts/humor .... We LOVE it! 
@mtbsteve: Yes!!!
@Schnerrydog: Best guests #legchair or not have great interplay with greg bill and andy.  You exceed expectations...

It seems, at least around 7am Eastern Time, the viewers are saying all the right things.  As for the 3am crowd, well... let's just say I'll have to think twice about checking Twitter while the show is airing!  If you've ever heard the segment where Greg plays the voicemail he gets from viewers, you'd know that the vocal ones, at least, are clearly way, wayyyyy under the influence.  I don't even want to know what those guys will have to say about my new, more zaftig***, baby-on-board appearance!  I'll stop when I'm ahead.  
Time for my Operation Media Blackout to commence!  
* Really, really early.  3am ET on Fox News Channel.
**Geez, thanks for tuning into The Jill Dobson Show so frequently, guys!
***I have always wanted to use that word.  Say it with me: "Zaftig."  Fun, right?

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  1. Zaftig IS a fun word! And RedEye is a fun show -- Greg & Co do a great job. I've got my DVR set!

  2. You have hit upon a topic I have thought about before. It does sadden me when most of what we hear about the female guests is "leg chair" topics. Particularly criticism for not wearing "appropriate attire" and thus "dishonoring" the chair. But maybe that's marginally better than when the guests don't have views the Twitter-verse agrees with, and you see the "just sit there and look pretty" comments.

    It's evident you are a smart and funny lady. Multitudes of Red Eyes and hours upon hours of Strategy Rooms and your more recent Onion News are more than sufficient enough for me to make a determination.

    True, you are an attractive woman. From the photograph you posted a few days ago, you looked good and I know us Red Eye fans will love you no matter what stage of pregnancy you are at.

    I have always considered myself a supporter of your endeavors and I love your Bill Schulz bashing (who doesn't). We're are also coming upon your one year anniversary of your post-Fox News era. They changed the Entertainment Hour around so much and it cannot compare to your tenure. (I still I have an interesting e-mail I sent in on your final day (you probably do not remember it) -- I'm sure you'll probably do some Fox retrospective, and I'll post it then) Anyways, it used to be such a fun show. I understood that you want to grow into better things, where they appreciated you more.

    I noticed that I got a little serious and veered off into some sidebars. I just wanted to express some of my thoughts to you.


  3. Hmmm.
    Your looks, or your smarts/humor?

  4. Thanks for your comments, folks!

    Especially for Sam's YEARS support and kind words!

    I'm grateful!

  5. We I to enjoy you sitting in the "leg chair" but that is not why I watch Red Eye...I watch it for its humor. And alot of that humor comes from you. it is Obvious that your very beautiful and sexy but to be that and intellgent and witty enough to bring a smile to everyones face is a total work of art. And im not talk about Blonde hunor , but real smart humor. Nothing fakey about it. Just my take...

  6. Now if i could type and spell And you have the Baby Glow...

  7. Jill, I came to your site because I adore your sense of fun and winning smile. Yep, I check out your legs every chance I get, but it is so hard to understand if a lonely fella wants to admire a gal he'd love to date if the fates were kinder?

    Please keep the Red Eye visits coming!


  8. I love your site. I hope you do get a TV show. I hope Courtney Friel will be your co-host. Add Monica Crowley, Martha Crowley, Megan Kelly, Ainsley Earhardt, Shannon Bream, and Juliet Huddy and put it up against the View and wath the view be crushed. I wouls call it The Jill Dobson Show AKA The Much Better View!

  9. Oops I meant Martha MacCallum not Martha Crowley. It would be the blondest and best show ever.

  10. Is it possible to get an autogeaphed 8 x 10 photo of Jill Dobson? Please let me know if it is and give me contact info where to send the request. Thank you!

  11. Jill, you look way way way way WAY better than Victoria Beckham. You are a 10. They would make the scale 1-11 so we can make you an 11. Angelina Jolie would be a 9. At best, Victoria is a 6.5, down a half point because of the silly British accent.

    I record Red Eye in the hopes you will be appearing. I remember when you hosted it. That was great!

    Ok, yes, you do have a world class set of legs. I have no further point. I just wanted to acknowledge that you have a world class set of legs.

    But you are world class in everything.

    Merry Christmas!!