Sunday, May 6, 2012

Host Chat: Half-Marathon Moments

I can't believe it! Six months after having a baby, I ran my first half-marathon today!* Scroll down for some highlights...
Shane Quincy watches the marathoners run by, while
Hollywood Super Agent Jim Ornstein and I pose for the paparazzi.
Funniest Motivational Sign: "You've trained longer than Kim Kardashian's marriage."
Cutest Motivational Sign: A "Good Job, Mom!" poster with a big photo of a cute baby who, coincidentally, looked a LOT like my 6-month-old, Shane. I actually did a triple-take to see if it was my little guy!
Worst Motivational Moment: Running past spectators who decided to pump us up with the soothing ballads of Train. The dude crooning "my heart is bound to beat right out my untrimmed chest" is just not helping me zip through Mile 9. I need some Eye of the Tiger! Or really, anything that doesn't mention manscaping!
Biggest Surprise: I felt strong enough to respond to each cheering spectator with both a thumbs up and a smile (read: grimace). I even laughed at the lady waving a "Need Beer?" sign at us. Beer? Now? You're so weird for offering. Not because it's 6:50am and we're running a race. Because I'm clearly under 21! Heh.
Least Surprising Moment: When this ham found the strength for a real smile and a friendly wave for the official race photographers. The pain of Mile 12 is fleeting, but a photo is forever!
Proudest Moments:
-Finishing the 13.1 mile race in a much better time that I expected (2:11)
-Finding out Super Agent Jim Ornstein totally rocked the race (1:38!)
-Walking (read: limping) home and immediately getting a big smile from baby Shane. (Which, unfortunately, you can't see in the photo above. Because Shane has asked Mommy not to post his picture on the web. Something about protecting his online reputation. That Shane! So forward-thinking!)

*Thank you, Fit Pregnancy magazine, for giving me this idea last summer, during my second trimester. One of your pieces quoted reader Becky Frost who said, "After I had each of my two babies, I signed up for a half-marathon, trained for it and ran it about six months after giving birth." Aside from the two babies thing, I did exactly that. Thanks for the inspiration!
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  1. I love when I actually complete a goal I've made for myself. So gratifying!

  2. I love cheering for runners at big races! Especially when they give a smile (read: grimace) back!

  3. I was very proud of you when I read your time, good race. Then I read Jim's time and was not as happy. He not only beat my PR, he crushed it. Why wasn't he back supporting his wife? Why was he running away so fast? Why am I so slow?
    Great race, both of you. You're awesome.