Thursday, August 18, 2011

Host Chat: Grassroots Campaign

The Jill Dobson Show audience members have started, in their words, a "grassroots campaign" to turn me into a real, live talk show host (as opposed to a virtual talk show host here in the blogosphere)! I love you guys! You're totally getting mentioned in my future Emmy speech!
Jill Dobson would fit right in on this couch, don't you think?
Ever since media reports indicated popular daytime show The Talk might have a little extra room on the couch, I've had an outpouring of support:
-One group posted a YouTube video of some of my best TV moments, titled "Let's Give this Girl a Talk Show!" 
-One person offered to start a Facebook Group called "Make Jill Dobson One of the New Hosts on The Talk." (Or was she just suggesting someone else start it?) Anyway, blog reader Carrie stated, "A grassroots campaign isn't a bad idea! Maybe we should start a Facebook 'Make Jill Dobson One of the New Hosts on The Talk' group!" 
-Tons of you had incredibly supportive responses to my blog post, Casting Call: Jill Dobson. The well-wishes included comments at the end of the blog, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.  Here are a few of my favorite Tweets:

: Love  on  and would be thrilled to see her on ! Getting the DVR ready...

Thanks so much to all y'all for posting the YouTube video, sending so much love my way, spreading the word on the social networking sites and for all your other efforts. I appreciate every Tweet to  (or to anyone else potentially handing out talk show jobs), and I'm grateful for every positive thought, too! You're the best!
Note 1: Yes, I did have the song "These are a few of my Favorite Things" in mind when I wrote the line, "Here are a few of my Favorite Tweets." Let's have a Sound of Music sing-along right here, right now! 
Note 2: I've shared the Jill Dobson Highlight Reel as a link many times here on the blog. But somehow it's cooler now that it's on YouTube, with the headline, as I may have mentioned: "Let's Give This Girl A Talk Show!" Awesome. You guys rock!


  1. If I knew how to start a Facebook group, I'd start the MAKE JILL DOBSON A HOST OF THE TALK page... but I'm more of a Twitter person. Somebody start this group already!

    In the meantime, I'll be Tweeting to @TheTalk_CBS and telling them how much we want to see @JillDobson and her humor on their show! Good luck!

  2. If you promised to give birth on the show, you'd be a shoe-in!

  3. Hey Anonymous,

    Here's my final offer: I'll give birth in a camera-free hospital, but I'll time it out so it's during sweeps! And I'll give the kid some horrible Hollywood name, to draw even more attention and interest to the baby/The Talk. Deal?


  4. Can't wait to see you on there! I loved watching you every day on Strategy Room before you left FNC. We want you back on the air, every day!

  5. Check out the FB Group "Get Jill Dobson on a Talk Show!" & get friends to join and share! Let's start a movement!