Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Casting Call: Courtney Friel

Welcome to another edition of Casting Call: Jill's Search for the Perfect Co-Host!  With each Casting Call, I advocate for someone I'd love as my future talk show co-host.  Eventually, the viewers (and the network executives) will make the final call.
Jill Dobson & Courtney Friel

Today's Casting Call features... Courtney Friel!  I once believed the network brass would insist on a classic male-female duo at the co-host desk.  Then I started watching Kathie Lee and Hoda. How much fun are these two? Watch this video of them storming Entertainment Weekly's offices and demanding a cover story!  I love it!  And I think there's room for another gal-gal talk show duo, don't you?
As co-hosts, I guarantee Courtney and I would engage in hijinks that would be just as entertaining as Kathie Lee and Hoda's.  In fact, we crashed an OK Magazine party last year... so we're ahead of the curve when it comes to unhealthy obsession with weekly celebrity news magazines!  
Speaking of celeb magazines, Courtney and I met when I was Editor-at-Large of Star Magazine.  She was at Fox News, and interviewed me for a segment she hosted.  Then I joined her at Fox News, where we took turns interviewing Oscar nominees, hosting Strategy Room, and being mistaken for one another.  
I decided to leave Fox to pursue the worlds of talk show hosting and writing.  Courtney stayed at Fox, where she's interviewing American Idol finalists right this moment.  (Scotty told her to tell me to tell YOU hello, by the way!)
Now I think it's time for a Courtney and Jill reunion.  After all, the talk show world needs more diversity.  What could be more diverse than a bubbly blonde with deep blue eyes (Courtney) and a animated blonde with green-blue eyes (Jill)? 
If you agree, please contact the executives at ABC, NBC, CBS, E! or any other relevant TV network, and urge them to give me a talk show... and to make Courtney an offer, too!  (Although, I should note, she is happily employed at FNC.)  Thank you for your support.*

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*Yes, that last sentence was a Bartles & Jaymes reference circa 1984!  Good lookin' out!


  1. Well Jill, as your first viewer on the Entertainment Hour I plan to be your first viewer on the jill Dobson Show. Actually, I might be better as your Ed McMahon type sidekick? Who has promoted you better and stuck by your side over the last two or three years? No not Bill Schulz, the other Bill.
    (yes the Stratgy Room's very own Bill from Virginia)

    I have given everyone at FOX and ear full for not retaining you and yes, they are all on my list... Call me when you are ready to start up :-)

  2. I agree that you and Courtney would be fun together, but I think you should find someone who is more of a balance to you.

  3. Thanks for the support. Bill, for the record, I left that network on my own accord... so I suppose the person who should be "given an earfull" is ME! Uh, oh -- does that mean I'm now on your LIST? Yikes!

    Ingrid, good point! The Search for the Perfect Co-Host continues...

  4. wake up to Jill & Courtney. I would watch it. The hotest 2 celebs. on the planet. I think fox should give you gals a show. You 2 are bursting with talent or (E). It will happen for sure.

  5. Ingrid, if you wanted balance to Jill, youd have to have an ugly stupid person.

  6. Why not host fox and friends first with Courts.

    It would be fantastic and you would not have to do it everyday