Friday, August 12, 2011

Talk Show Hopeful: Supporting the Dream

Guess who's visiting the set of one successful celebrity's upcoming talk show right now? No, not me. (Sigh.) The lucky winner of that all-access pass is my husband, Hollywood Super Agent Jim Ornstein. And I'm living vicariously through him today, imagining that I'm there, too. As a pregnant lady, I do a lot of things vicariously through him these days, from wine consumption to roller coaster riding to white water rafting.*
Mr. Super Agent just sent me an email from the set. He could've talked about how glamorous the celebrity is close-up, or described the behind-the-scenes craziness. But his email was actually about me, of all things. It stated, in full, "I was just thinking of you onstage with your own talk show." 
He supports the dream! How great is he?!  
Jill Dobson's Emmy Dream Dress
(As modeled by Emmy winner Claire Danes)
My dream, as fans of The Jill Dobson Show know, is to be a talk show host. I've worked toward it during my decade as a reporter, covering hard news, then entertainment. (My resume includes hosting a daily live talk show on the web, Strategy Room, and appearing on some shows you might've heard of... The Today Show, CBS Early Show, Vh1 All Access, E News!, Access Hollywood, Showbiz Tonight, etc.)
"Creative Visualization" author Shakti Gawain says that if you have a dream, you should "Imagine that it has already happened. Picture it as clearly as possible in your mind."  
On her advice, I can close my eyes and see my future talk show set, the audience, the different segments we'll do, the inevitable Emmy nominations, even my Emmy dress... which looks a lot like the dress Claire Danes wore to the 2010 awards. Except mine has spaghetti straps. Because you know who isn't brave enough to risk a wardrobe malfunction on Emmy night? Me! 
Sturdy strap support, along with the longterm support of my spouse (and the Jill Dobson Show audience)... it seems I've got everything I need to make it to the top, wouldn't you say? So, move over, Oprah! (Oh, right. She already stepped down from her talk show. Well, then, move over, Ellen!)
*OK, he hasn't exactly been on any roller coasters this summer, and I don't think he's ever been white water rafting. But it sounds lame to say that I've just been watching, staring, dreaming, and, I admit, drooling a bit, every time he takes a sip of wine. Right? There should be other things I'm missing out on, due to pregnancy. I had other hobbies before becoming a Mom-to-Be, didn't I? Didn't I?!


  1. Didn't you once say Triathlons were a hobby of yours? So, see, you DID have another hobby, besides wine swilling! Yay, you!

  2. Speaking of big dreams, mine is to get all my kids into college in the next few years. Wish us luck!!

  3. You are definitely lucky to have such a supportive husband! But don't forget about us -- your loyal supportive fan base rooting you on towards that talk show (and emmy dress) you deserve!

  4. Anderson Cooper should join up with Kelly Ripa, and then you can have Anderson's show. Problem solved. Why hasn't anyone thought of this yet?