Monday, August 15, 2011

Magazine Monday: The Five Stages of Obsession

You might have heard of the Five Stages of Grief. Here are my 5 Stages of Magazine Obsession, 1991-2011:
-DESIRE to become Editor-in-Chief of a fashion magazine
-EXCITEMENT over my next plan: to become a successful talk show host, then launch my own magazine. (Yep, you beat me to the punch, Oprah!)
-DEPRESSION when I realized, in 1992, the only way to be featured in a fashion magazine was to be a supermodel. Which I most certainly was not. 
-INTRIGUE when I heard there was a photo of me inside Teen People... and disappointment when I saw it was a very small photo... of 50 people!
-ELATION when fashion magazines starting featuring non-models, especially talk show hosts like Ellen DeGeneres. Maybe there's a chance for me, after all! Just as soon as I land a seat on The Talk...
Jill Dobson's beloved Vogue
prints another Jill-free issue.  Sigh.
Jill Dobson's beloved W magazine is on the right track.
Perhaps an up-and-coming talk show host deserves a cover?
Jill Dobson makes her magazine debut... along with 49 other Miss USA 2000 contestants!
Can't find Jill? Hint 1: Her favorite state is Michigan. Hint 2: Front row, third from right.


  1. Ha- I just realized our pink silk dresses look WILDLY SIMILAR to what the "Bridesmaids" cast is wearing in the movie poster. The "Bridesmaids" pic is currently on the right-hand side of my homepage. See it?
    (Down the road, you can see it at: )
    Funny, right? Pink silk everywhere!!!

  2. I'm sure you'll get a seat on The Talk. They're looking for Moms, right? Since you'll having a baby, and you have TV experience, you should fit right in with Julie, Sharon and the gang!

  3. Hi Jill! Congratulations! Jeremy had told me that he had seen the news that you were expecting. I'm so excited for you. Children are such a blessing. And yeah, you gotta love the sea of pink silk. My girls use my old dress for dress up ;)

    Love and best wishes,
    Liz (Heitmanek) Fraijo