Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Favorite Things: Crossing the Finish Line!

Welcome to Favorite Things!  Here at The Jill Dobson Show, your favorite Oprah segment lives on, as I reveal the coolest tech, beauty, home products and more... except without Oprah, without any TV airtime, and without the free giveaways.  Hey, I'm doing the best I can here!

Ever since my friend Alicia told me about a program called "Couch to 5K," I've been intrigued and inspired by the concept.  It's a workout plan designed to "transform you from couch potato to runner."  It aims to help non-runners ease into fitness, so that in just two months they are able to run 5K (3.1 miles). 
love the idea, for several reasons.  Among them:
--My favorite thing in the world is a good makeover story.  So I can't get enough of Average Moms Wear Capes blogger Christie O's story of losing 40 pounds after starting Couch to 5K (and advancing to triathlons).
--I'm expecting a baby later this year, and the idea of returning to my old fitness regimen afterward is pretty daunting.  But the Couch to 5K program sounds like something I can do.  Here's Day One: Jog 30 seconds.  Walk 90 seconds.  Repeat.  I could do that!  And so could you, right?
--A recent issue of Fit Pregnancy magazine included this quote from reader Becky Frost: "After I had each of my two babies, I signed up for a half-marathon, trained for it and ran it about six months after giving birth." Ever since reading that, I've been inspired to try to do the same thing!
--I just learned my best friend Heather is doing the program, with an upcoming race later this summer.  Go, Heather!
--And the real kicker...  I was reviewing the blog stats for The Jill Dobson Show and I learned that one reader found my blog the following way: By googling the phrase "Jill Dobson Fat."  Ouch!*  The correct term for my condition is "pregnant," buddy.  Give a girl a break!  
You've heard the phrase "success is the best revenge," right?  When I successfully cross the finish line in a 2012 half-marathon, that dude (we all know it's a guy, right?) can belly up to his computer, google "Jill Dobson FaSt" and wish he had it in him to run 13.1 miles!  
But I digress.  Couch to 5K is one of my Favorite Things because it gives people a realistic, step-by-step way to achieve something they might not have ever otherwise achieved.  And that's awesome.  Kudos to the plan's creators.  And to everyone who's ever finished a 5K.  And to retired Quincy High School cross-country coach Andy Parzych, who inspired me through many a 5K, and whose words are with me every time I gear up for a workout: "The hardest step is the step out the door."  Thanks, Mr. P!  I'll head out the door now!
*This is better, though, than the (ax-wielding?) reader who found my friend Ben Bowman's blog, The Boiling Point: A Journey in Improv, by googling "Benjamin Bowman Murder."  That kinda puts being called fat in perspective... at least no one seems to be actively plotting my demise! (Note: I asked Ben's permission to share this story.  He responded, "Feel free to use as you see fit.  Unless you plan on murdering me.  Then don't.") Love him!

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  1. I found your blog by searching for Jill Dobson PHAT. Pretty, hot and tempting indeed! Not to mention creative and clever. :-)

  2. Hey Jill, i love Joe's comment ! i wish i had thought of that myself! question, will you, like Oprah, start your own production company by spelling your last name backwards? (NOSBOD Productions)

  3. Who would ever search "Jill Dobson Fat"? I officially hate that person. Did they see your Christmas card from last year? Guess not! :)

  4. Joe- hilarious! And so quick! I think your comment went online before my post did! :)
    Chuck- NOSBOD does have a certain charm, doesn't it? And your company could be called KCUHC... except no one could pronounce it (unless he's Russian)!
    Alicia- Oh, the holiday card with a photo from the TRIATHLON I completed? Valid point. Sure I weighed 30 pounds less then than I do now... but let's not get into that! :)