Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fashion Fix: Saks Attack

Welcome to Fashion Fix! The View gals share their fashion scoop daily.  I, too, share TV-worthy looks, but only when I manage to get out of my pajamas!
I'm supposed to be meeting a friend right now at Saks Fifth Avenue, but she had to cancel.  Since I'm currently expecting a baby, I'm (literally) in no shape do to much shopping at Saks anyway.  But I couldn't resist going online and choosing the ideal outfit I would've bought today at Saks, if my size -- and my budget -- didn't interfere.  
Since none of this will fit me right now, let's imagine it instead on the lithe frame of Red Eye's Bill Schulz.  Fun!
Shoshanna Racer-Back Tank Dress
Red Valentino Rose Leather Clutch,
Dolce Vita sandals and
Alexander McQueen Skull Cuff Bracelet 


  1. I think Bill Schulz would be ravishing in the above outfit. I like how his bracelet really brings together the green of the dress and the pink of the shoes & pocketbook! Hehehehehe!

  2. Yes, the bracelet would look gorgeous on Bill's delicate wrist!