Thursday, June 30, 2011

Favorite Things: Fun, Fearless Blogs

Welcome to Favorite Things!  Here at The Jill Dobson Show, your favorite Oprah segment lives on, as I reveal the coolest tech, beauty and home products... except without Oprah, without any TV airtime, and without the free giveaways.  Hey, I'm doing the best I can here!

This week, I've discovered some fun, fearless females (to borrow the term from Cosmopolitan magazine) out there in the blogosphere.  (Hey, wait a minute-- Mr. Spellcheck gives me attitude every time I type "Dobson," but he lets "blogosphere" slides by no problem?!?!  Hmph.)  Anyway, here are a few of my new favorite blogs:

The Sneaker Experiment, because people write in and share the little steps they took to overcome big fears.  I especially identify with "Sneaker Story #4:  Drive on the Freeway."  Remind me someday to tell you why I was pushed into getting a driver's permit at the tender age of 14, and how incredibly terrified I was -- at just 13 -- when I took my road test.  And how many times I had to take it before I passed.  And about the instructor's screams emanating from the passenger seat during the first test.  Shudder. Bonus: The Sneaker Experiment was created by my dear friend Lisa Gilbar.

Stephanie Klein's Greek Tragedy, because her blog categories include "Drunken Blogging," "Food Porn," and "Judy Blume Moments."  

Bonus: Her June 27th post titled "Quick, Help Me Choose," actually helped me choose some themes for our soon-to-be-baby room.  Commenter LolaD recommended website Serena & Lily, with which I promptly became obsessed.  Thanks Stephanie and LolaD!

Average Moms Wear Capes, because self-described "average mom" Christie O. inspires me with her before-and-after from "large, unhappy, hot mess" to triathlete and half-marathoner.  I do love a good makeover story! Bonus: Christie O. attends movie junkets (something I've done many times in my years as an entertainment journalist).  Just as I was starting to get a bit blas√© about the whole thing, she reminds me what a fascinating world I work in, with her delighted reports of celebrity encounters and behind-the-scenes peeks at the making of Winnie the Pooh and Cars 2.  That's right, this is fun!  I'm ready to jump back on the junket bandwagon!  Hey, Disney folks, please call my people and let's do this!


  1. Thanks, Jill! And Jill followers -- be sure to mention you are from Jill's blog when you comment for a special RT!

  2. Another good blog is ENJOY!

  3. Ellie, it's hilarious that you mentioned that -- I'm OBSESSED with Jen Lancaster! I'm sure I'll be blogging about her books soon!